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Antorum Isles is a multiplayer online roleplaying game by Rat Wizard. Register an account to connect and join the adventure! You can follow active development by visiting the Antorum Development Feed, and keep up with latest news and announcements by joining the Discord.

A strange corruption has poisoned the Antorum Isles, disrupting the peace and awakening dangerous beasts of all manner. You've been pulled out of sleep in the far-realms, and sent to the mortal world on a quest to restore order and glory for the gods.

Quest across a large and diverse world

Explore Antorum, uncovering mysteries and quests to complete. You'll need to use a map, information from the locals, and your own intuition in order to navigate safely. There is no flashing arrow that tells you where to go.

Slay dangerous beasts and bosses

Antorum is home to many dangerous creatures, and you'll need to prepare accordingly before leaving town and facing them. If your character dies, all of your items will be dropped on the ground. You can go back and reclaim them, but so can anybody else.

Gather materials from the world and grow your fortune

Build wealth and contribute to industry by pursuing Fishing, Mining, Herbology, and other activities. Your characters skills will grow with practice, giving you more opportunities and unique rewards.

Craft legendary gear and imbue it with ancient magicks

Forge powerful gear pieces by hammering together monster parts and materials, then perform rituals to imbue them with unique and interesting properties.

Modify Antorum, or build and host your own adventure

Use the world editor to modify Antorum, adding new quests and areas. Or, build your own adventure entirely from scratch! There is an official server, but you can also self-host if you want to play offline or have a private game for you and your friends.